Rise Of The Guardian Review!

So you won’t believe what I did this weekend!  -Well I guess you would if you read the title of this webpage.  That’s right I saw Rise of The Guardian.  To be honest, I was dragged along with Dear Dear Turtle again.  I didn’t really know how this movie was going to be but when I got into the theaters.  I laughed, I cried (but don’t tell anybody), I was so happy I saw the movie!

Rise of the Guardians is a movie based off the book The Guardian’s of Childhood by William Joyce.  What that means is that the book was where most of the story came from for the movie.  If “The Lonely Lonely Chameleon” book were to have a movie, the movie would have a lot of it’s story come from the book (hopefully one day!).

Before anything else, I should tell you that this movie is approved for all ages.  So anyone can go see this movie and enjoy it!  I wouldn’t send you to a bad movie ever!  That’s my chameleon oath!

The Rise of The Guardians starts off with our main character, Jack Frost, talking about how he doesn’t know anything about his past.  But he does know how he has the ability to control the power of snow, wind and all the elements of Winter that make Winter fun and exciting.  Unfortunately, despite all he does for children to make their Winters great and fun, he can’t be seen by any of them because none of them believe in him.

In order to be seen by the rest of the world people first have to believe in you.  Imagine how lonely it would be if no one could see you and everyone acted like you weren’t there.  (This conversation is coming a little too close for home me).

Soon after Jack is visited by the Guardians of Childhood.Santa Claus, Sandman, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny.

Santa Claus is the guardian of Christmas- which for you who don’t know is a Christian religion holiday that many celebrate by giving out presents to each other and.Santa is the one who delivers those presents to everyone! 

The Tooth Fairy is the guardian of teeth.  That might sound weird to those of you who don’t know but if you leave your baby teeth under your pillow during the night the Tooth Fairy will come and replace your tooth with a reward of some sort.

The Sandman is the guardian who comes by in the middle of the night and gives you good dreams to have.

The Easter Bunny is the one that creates eggs for you to find on Easter day.  The Guardians of Childhood decide that they want Jack Front to join the guardians and help take down the Boogeyman, also known as Pitch.

Pitch is the captor of all that is fear.  He’s the one who gives kids bad dreams and tries to make life scary (but we all know that sometimes life can be scary).  So Jack and the gang set off to take on Pitch.  I don’t want to give away anymore so I’ll stop there but you won’t be dissapointed with the wonderful ending.  It’s full of action, cool music and lots of acts of bravery.  You’ll love a lot of the “fight scenes” with Pitch versus The Guardians.

You’ll love Jack’s past and you’ll love how it all comes together in the end  What’s more wonderful is if you like the movie, then you’ll love the book that it is based on Guardians of Childhood.  It’s really well drawn and full of cute characters that you can fall in love with.  Sound familiar?

What’s also really great about this movie is it’s based on all sorts of stories.  The Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Sandman and Santa Claus all have a lot of books out there that you can read all about.  It’s really fun to know the history of a character, where they came from, what the represent and what super powers they have of course.  Who ever though history be fun?  Now you have yourself a good excuse to go the library (although any excuse is a good excuse to be at the library).  That being said, I’m going to go to the Quiet Quiet Library in my town and check out some more books.  Till next time guys!