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Welcome to PBPanda Books!  A small kids book publisher with the goal of changing the world and making it a better place though picture books that don’t only entertain but also have deeply meaningful messages.  Here you can find all sorts of fun stuff to do!  Check out our About PBPanda Books Page to see previews of our books online!

If you’d like to color in your own picture books you can check out the Coloring Book Page filled with all sorts of pictures you can print out and color in yourself! 

We also have constant reviews of new and old movies, videogames and books here at The Chameleon Review Page and The Grumpy Grump Iguana’s Review Page!  Both are worth a look-see!

There’s a bunch of comics you can read here on this page!  Funny for adult and children alike!


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And last but not least.  Your one-stop spot for purchasing everything PBPanda can be found here.  Including books, art and t-shirts.  And remember that 50% of all purchases go to St Jude’s Children Hospital and The Humane Society!

And if you have further comments or questions you can contact PBPanda at LonelyLonelyChameleon@Gmail.com