Chameleon Corner

The Chameleon Corner is where the Lonely Lonely Chameleon and friends will often post game reviews, books reviews, and fun videos!

The Lonely Lonely Chameleon is on the up and up of video games and movies and- as shy as the chameleon may be it loves to write what it thinks about them!  The Groggy Groggy Iguana reviews are also on this page and are a lot like The Lonely Lonely Chameleon Reviews- but tougher, more video game focused and a dash of attitude that you would come to expect from an iguana.

You can also find movie and book reviews here from time to time so be sure to check back often!

If you have something you’d like the Lonely Lonely Chameleon or the Groggy Groggy Iguana to review (appropriate videogames, books and movies only) please email us at .  We’ll be sure to respond! : )


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