Peter Helm’s Artwork

Hello and welcome to my secret page on PBPanda.  This is where I post my- Peter Helm- porfolio along with all my art for sale.  Why is this page not linked to the main page?  A simple answer is because I don’t want it to be.  The long answer is this:  My art is not inappropriate in the sense that children couldn’t look at it.  But the medium and context for my art does not always fall in the guidelines of something I would think children could appreciate.

Plus, this artwork can be expensive.  I don’t want a kids to be trying to buy something that would cost them several hundred times what their parents would want them to purchase.  It ultimately would be in poor taste.  And above all, I think there’s some fun in having a pseudo-exclusive site out there.

Anyway, below is all my artwork I’ve made- much of which is for sale, some of which is not and some of which is already sold.  There’s tons of stuff I am constantly trying to update so look back every week or two for an updated list.  Every piece of artwork includes “The Lonely Lonely Chameleon + Sometimes Life Can Be Scary Combo Pack!”  25% goes towards the American Cancer Society!

Some of the artist statements tend to be a bit long but I like to explain the story behind everything to the best of my ability.  If you have interest in artwork that has no “add to cart” next to it, you will have to contact me for more details.  More than likely that artwork has to be prepared according to your preference and can’t be just simply purchased (I.e whether you want it framed or unframed by me, cropped, shipping preferences, etc.)  But I promise I am easy to work with and just simply send me an email at and we will get what artwork you want to you right away!

The Lonely Lonely Chameleon

The Lonely Lonely Chameleon loves hanging out.  And there’s no place that it prefer more than in your living space making your walls look nice!  (As long as it can see the Dear, Dear Turtle every once and awhile too!)  Only $25  Sold out!!  Don’t worry though!  There’s always new artwork!


Red Cardinal

A deep fascination with birds and prime colors brought this picture to life!  Bring warmth to any place or anyone.  Only 10 available for purchase! 11″ X 15.  Does not come with frame!  (If you absolutely want it with this frame it’ll be extra!)

Only $25 Add to Cart




Striving to make a bird of each primary color, brought about this cool drawing.  Simplistic and inviting.  This would do well in a relaxing environment.  10 available for purchase. 11″ X 15″.  Does not come with frame!  (If you absolutely want it with this frame it’ll be extra!)

Only $25 Add to Cart



Tenko Kitsune

A picture designed for a friend that  transformed into a full on project making a painting of a Japanese guardian fox (It’s okay if you didn’t know that, I didn’t either till it’s creation).  It’s also the only of its kind.  As in there is only one.  This picture is 14″ X 12″ with frame (which it does come with)

Only $50 Add to Cart




A 3 piece reflective series of my inner self.  Sold out!!  Don’t worry though!  There’s always new artwork!








Journey Through Japan

This was a charity piece for “Hope For Japan” Fundraiser where money went directly to support victims of 2011 Tsunami.  I still do however have a few leftover of the basic design that look more like this:








Only $20, 3 Left.








Virtuous Evil






Fearless Insanity





Uncontrollable Determination

Part of my study on conflicting emotions.  The idea that perhaps good and bad are not opposites, but brothers.  Some of the most eccentric people are the most stable.  Many angry people are the most passionate.     All are about 12″X8″

Only $100 each


















The Knight, The Princess and The Dragon (Complete 3 Parts)

Artist Statement, “”Perhaps time is not as solid of a support to judge anything on.
What if time is not dynamic, but rather linear?  Perhaps when the order of things happen isn’t as important as the fact they happened in the first place.
In other words, actions and character are timeless matters.  Good, bad, attractive.  Standing up to evil, submitting into fear, tying a knot in a cherry stem with your tongue.  These things are not subject to simply one realm of time.  There was and is someone who will always be good (Babe Ruth), someone who is corrupt (Tyrannosaurus), and someone who you wish you had to guts to ask out but can’t because she sits with all the cool kids and you are the head of the chess team (Olivia Wilde). ” The piece is 2′ X 3′ (3 parts)


















The only way out is in a box

Life seems to have many ways to be interpreted.  Is it a manifestation of all at once or a progression of growth throughout?  Or maybe it’s how many bibles we own at our house.  Or how many seasons of True Blood we own.  All one can really say for sure is there is a lot of opinions and I wanted to throw out my own take on the whole thing.  That being said, every piece of this drawing has a specific meaning, I like to think every piece is intentional- but that’s a lie (no one ever does everything they want intentionally, if they did than the Tower of Pisa would be a joke).

So with that in mind I want this to be viewed as four separate pieces with each their own meaning and their own resolution.  You can think of it as 4 chapters of a book, 4 pieces of glass (but when does glass really shatter that evenly?), or a rap album (I mean- I’m not saying you should, but it’s your mind I really have no control over it all..)

Only $1700


Duo’s Conflict

Schrodinger’s cat is not a question about your knowledge of quantum mechanics, it’s about how much you like cats.  Heinz dilemma isn’t about right or wrong, it’s about whether or not you know how to use a slimjim to break into Walgreens.  I propose something different.  My question with my piece is: Would you tell the old woman in front of you at the grocery store with twenty items to get out of the express lane?  Would you drink a gallon of milk in a 15 minute time span to know the future?  Would you hurt the innocent to understand what innocence is?

The last question may leap in logic but to understand my mental perspective you must see them all at the same.  If a puffin really was in your way of the thing that would have you understand life would you push it out of the way or wait for it to move?  What if it wasn’t going to move for days?  Years?  What if the answer to your life would be behind the puffin for 3 days and the puffin didn’t plan on till it watched all 10 seasons of “Saved By The Bell” (4 days) or all the Twilight movies (approximately 12 hours long, but at least 400 mental hours long) or The Notebook (12 days long).

Perhaps there is a right and wrong to all of this, but I doubt it’s as clear cut as we’d like to make it out to be.  There’s a lot of questions that can really say what kind of person you are I just think this one can derive all the answers there are to be found inside yourself.  Or maybe you just do or don’t like puffins.  I don’t know, I can be off base sometimes.  This piece was made entirely of spray paint on paper.  Nothing else. (5′ X 3′)


Lovely Hummingbird

Possibly one of my most difficult undertakings.  3’X2.5′.  A painting in memory of someone who told me to pursue painting, drawing, and my dreams of becoming a children book writer.  There is more to the story but I think it’s best kept this way.  Sold













Moonlight Lily and Shadowed Flower

My 2 and possibly only watercolor paintings I’ll show the day of light to.  Sold














A painting I made of one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met.